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High Rock Management

Empowering you
to make confident technology decisions for your vision

About High Rock



Gerry Criscenzo, High Rock's founder, has  over 20 years of hands-on technology management expertise. His expertise ensures you are making the best technology decisions. 

  • IT Business & POS Systems
  • Accounting and HR Solutions
  • Office Infrastructure Build-outs
  • Networking, Software/ Hardware Purchases & Management
  • Cloud Services (Data backup, Email, File sharing, VoIP phone systems, video conferencing)
  • More




Gerry Criscenzo's expertise is in wide range of industries and has developed a network of technology resources.


  • Software/Technology 
  • ERP & Dealer Management  Systems
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Retail
  • Power Sports/Sporting Goods
  • Home Services/Remodeling
  • Financial Services
  • Medical/Dental
  • More


The Mission. The Passion


A company can lose tens or hundreds of thousands of  dollars in lost productivity by partnering with or selecting the wrong technology or company. 

High Rock is independent of solution providers to help you make confident technology decisions to realize your vision.

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High Rock is in Your Corner


Technology is extremely challenging!

Gerry Criscenzo breaks it down so you can make confident decisions and reduce risks. Technology advances in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow will present a better solution than today's, which, is why we're solution neutral. Unlike many other consultants who represent single solutions, we take time to understand your business' unique needs and then research the best current solution for you.

Gerry Criscenzo is your trusted business systems/technology analyst providing you  critical research, insight, and due diligence. He frees up management's valuable time to focus on running your business. High Rock accelerates your decision-making. This saves you real money, and enables you to make IT and technology decisions with greater confidence and lower risk. High Rock works only with small-to-medium business to commit our time to you. Our robust research cuts through the hype and marketing noise to get to the truth most relevant to your company.

High Rock knows and asks the right questions and keeps asking. Gerry Criscenzo has a richly developed network of resources, and relationships, and is in a technical position to discover, assess and professionally scrutinize information. Gerry provides the mission/decision-critical information you need, when you need it.   

Every Business Is Different: One Size Does Not Fit All

 High Rock's first step is understanding "your" business and then research the right  technology. Gerry interviews and gathers feedback from the people in your company on what works, and what doesn't because your people are a wealth of knowledge. 

High Rock's High Level Process 

  1. DISCOVERY: Gerry Criscenzo works side-by-side with your project team through this most important step to understand and document work flow, processes and IT systems to create your Project Scope. Discovery is crucial to understand what works for you, what doesn't and discuss your current and future goals.  
  2. Once the discovery process is complete, all data is reviewed with your project team to finalize the Project Scope.  Goals and features are prioritized by "must have" (Phase 1) and "nice to have" (Potential Phase 2).  
  3. This documentation is edited and converted into an RFP (Required Functional Processes), which, can range from 25-75 or more pages. 
  4. The RFP is crucial to the smoothest possible implementation to prevent costly surprises and delays. It is sent to vendors and tells them, in detail, your current situation and exactly what you require from the solution.
  5. With the RFP, Gerry Criscenzo researches, interviews and identifies the best potential solution providers that meet your goals and budget and presents to you the top contenders. 
  6. Once you select a vendor, Gerry Criscenzo can guide you through the solution provider's contractual agreements such as MSA (Master Services Agreement), SLA (Service Level Agreement), HSA (Hosted Services Agreement), SOW (Statement of Work) and others before your legal team reviews them. He can also manage the implementation process to keep your project on time and within budget.

Partner with People, Not Just Technology

Working in IT, Gerry has a Customer Service background focused on delivering an exceptional Customer Experience (CX). Gerry uniquely provides a vetting process to ensure clients are partnering with customer-focused organizations that demonstrate a formal Customer Experience strategy that begins with leadership.

This is Gerry Criscenzo's unique added value over other consultants. He understands that you will be working with "people" to implement and support your new technology solution and that the last thing you want is to be locked into a contract with a poor customer-service provider.